Our Philosophy

Life is meant to be filled with vibrant experiences and memories of time well spent with those who mean the most to us. Often those memories could be clouded by aches, pains and the feeling of being unwell. That feeling of knee pain after chasing your child. Maybe its that back pain that limits your from going shopping or enjoying an amazing holiday. Whatever the imitating factors may be, we are here to help.

At Revivehp we pride ourselves on navigating through every detail of your concerns from aches, pains and limitations. We follow a holistic approach in providing you with access to quality and convenient physical and emotional therapies. We are firm believers of “whatever the mind can conceive and believe, the mind can achieve” (napoleon).

Our limitations often come from past experiences. At Revivehp we understand that your concerns might be complicated. Our expert team will be assisting you to unlock your full potential. We believe life is full of joyous occasions and we strive to make sure you are in the best physical and emotional state to enjoy it.

Expert therapist delivering a wide range of physical and emotional therapies.

Team Based Care

  • Striving to develop networks and teams to deliver the best health service to you.

Embracing Change

  • Our clinics our designed to utilise the most up to date technological advancements to get your better quicker.

Innovative Practice

  • We understand you might not be feeling the best when you attend a clinic. For this reason, we ensure that your experience is as seamless and comfortable as possible so you can get back to doing what you enjoy the most.

First Things First

  • We treat our staff, clients and third parties with the highest level of respect and support in order to ensure we can provide the best service possible.



Our Story

Founded as a small thriving chiropractic and rehabilitation office in Western Sydney, we went to help change the lives of 400+ patients a month in a short space of time. The more patients we helped, the more we kept hearing a common complaint about our healthcare system.

Your health first

Patients felt that they were receiving a fragmented approach to healthcare. It is often described by patients as a segmented approach to care or a feeling like everyone is saying something different. As Australian health professionals, we are trained to highly value the importance of patient education and care, something we just knew our patients were not getting.

Fast forward a few years and an integrated approach to healthcare is now available to our patients. We have managed to develop a central focal point for physical and mental focused therapies. Over the last few years the team at ReviveHP has endeavoured to provide expert services to patients from all walks of life. Our team of expert therapist share a combined 30+ years of experience in the health sector. No matter what your complaint, rest assured we can help.

As technology advanced, so did our systems. With predominately paperless facilities and well up to date systems, you can now see one of our therapist with ease, especially when you need it most. Our multidisciplinary approach has allowed a more streamline practitioner – patient interaction and improved results for our clients.

Work Culture and Ethic

We strive to provide the best environment for our staff and patients. Focusing on our culture as a team has allowed us to better serve our communities. Our mission is to improve the experience of healthcare, making it a pleasant journey and one full of education and achievement of potential and inspiration to others.