Chiropractic is an art that focuses on the core issue of your problems, and not just the symptoms. We often hear people repeatedly getting massages and soft tissue work, yet only experiencing  short term relief. You may have even experienced it yourself. As chiropractors we assess the most superficial layers of the body to the deepest musculature and spine in order to find the root cause of your problem.

Chiropractors have a special interest with the nervous system which is commonly misinterpreted or referred to as the bodies wiring system. An interesting fact many people may not know is that your nerves are not like wires rather they are mainly made of up fat cells. As a result these nerves have poor circulation and can commonly become ‘tighter-for lack of a better word’ around muscles, tendons, bones and other nerves. The connective tissue that connects our whole body together often becomes scarred and thickened after injuries and can cause a disruption to normal optimum function of our body.

As chiropractors we assess this very system through specialised techniques in order to identify an area of concern. Stereotypically we are known to focus on the spine....yes, but more importantly we are actually assessing the bodies ability to function as a whole by often starting with the nervous system and spine.

The biomechanical relationship between your structure and function is the key to optimum body function.