Our Dietitians aim to practice what they preach as we all should.

We attempt to promote healthy food choices and optimal nutrition by working individually with patients. We acknowledge that our differences in culture, age and social life make up who we are. Hence it is our job to assess individual nutritional needs and requirements.

As a patient at #REVIVEHP you will be put through an initial assessment to establish a base line for your eating habits and general health. From there we can determine suitable goals and measures to keep up to date with your health progression.

Eating healthy is not about being on diets all the time. On the contrary it is about being able to make better choices with the abundance of food sources available today. We aim to educate everyone on food portioning, timing, frequency and food selection. We will also incorporate an eating plan suited to each individuals needs. If you like you can add chocolate cakes to the plan, you just need us to help you find the right time and portion size.

Our practitioners aim to provide counseling and guidance in making healthier dietary choices to achieve a healthier lifestyle.