What Is Social Psychology?

Think for a moment about how you act when you're alone. Does your behaviour change when you're around your friends? What about when your parents are in the room? How does your behaviour change when someone brings up a traumatic event that may have had a negative impact on your life.

Psychology is the scientific study of how people act, think, and feel.

Social Psychology studies how people act, think, and feel in the context of society. That is, how people's behaviours, thoughts, and feelings change because of other people.

The way the external world influences your behaviour is of utmost importance this day and age as we are exposed to an abundance of behaviours, lifestyles and personalities through social media. Many studies show the importance of how seeing other people’s behavioural patterns may affect our own behaviour, for example watching a movie about crime and war may bring to life qualities and attributes in an individual that they have not experienced before. Even the simple act of learning a new skill can fall under this category.


At #ReviveHP we aim to EDUCATE.EMPOWER.INSPIRE our patients to a healthier way of living. We believe our daily habits are affected by our everyday thoughts and beliefs. We need to start at grassroots with health and often our psychological habits are not addressed.

An abundance of studies have proven how much of a positive impact goal setting and psychologically programing of oneself can produce outstanding results.

Often we are troubled with poor thinking habits and negativity that we do not even detect as a problem until a trained psychologist identifies the issue. These thoughts can drain our life battery and often restrict our ability to achieve greater potential. Our therapist will attempt to build great rapport in order to help identify even the most sensitive of these restricting issues.

Another aspect of the Psychology realm is our Personality Psychology. Often different from person to person it can be a challenge to identify clearly what our own personality traits are. This aspect differs from social psychology as it is not about how the world impacts us, but rather how our internal properties affect our actions and thoughts.

Regardless of where a person lies on the spectrum of mental health, we aim to EMPOWER.EDUCATE.INSPIRE each individual regardless of age, race or status to achieving their greatest potential.